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Savory steel cut oats with lentils's image

Savory steel cut oats with lentils

my absolute favorite, I am hooked on this recipe, eating it for breakfast lunch & dinner! Savory steel cut oats with organic green & black lentils cooked slowly in broth, 2 minutes prep

Vegan Parmesan roasted green beans's image

Vegan Parmesan roasted green beans

Organic green beans roasted to perfection, tossed with vegan Parmesan cheese & spices. An easy to make fancy looking amazing tasting side dish! here is my recipe for easy and delicious Vegan Parmesan

Perfectly grilled sweet potatoes's image

Perfectly grilled sweet potatoes

How to get perfectly grilled sweet potatoes that won't fall apart on the grill, but will cook all the way through, read on and find out! Par boiling the sweet potatoes is the

Incredible general tso cauiflower's image

Incredible general tso cauiflower

This recipe turned out INCREDIBLE! General Tso's sauce is a spicy/sweet/salty sauce, and OF COURSE i made it sugar free ;) but trust me no one will know! This is a seriously

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