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Paleo eggplant noodle chow mein's image

Paleo eggplant noodle chow mein

yes you read that right, Eggplant noodles! low carb, Paleo approved, easy to make and incredibly delicious. Eggplant noodles tossed in a five spice garlic sauce with broccoli, shiitake, ginger & scallions with

Tomato basil plant based quiche's image

Tomato basil plant based quiche

Flaky gluten free crust filled with tomatoes basil fresh garlic, sauteed mushrooms & shallots. this Vegan tomato basil quiche is so good you will not even know it's plant based! The quiche filling

Vegetarian steel cut oat Paella's image

Vegetarian steel cut oat Paella

A healthy twist on a classic Spanish rice dish, Steel cut oat Paella with sauteed mushrooms, onions, thinly sliced bell peppers, san marzano tomatoes, kalamata olives, smoked paprika and of course saffron. This

Roasted mushroom & tempeh vegan meatballs's image

Roasted mushroom & tempeh vegan meatballs

Roasted mushrooms & tempeh with sauteed onion, garlic fresh basil and vegan Parm combine into these amazing vegan high protein meatballs, serve them as a main course, or as appetizers on little skewers

Tempeh & quinoa stuffed peppers's image

Tempeh & quinoa stuffed peppers

These tempeh & quinoa stuffed peppers are a complete meal! This is a southwestern spin on stuffed peppers with sauteed onions, fire roasted tomatoes, cumin, smoked paprika, pan roasted white beans and fresh

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