Tag: Dressing & sauces

Vegan "meaty" tomato sauce's image

Vegan "meaty" tomato sauce

Yes you read that right, this sauce is 100% vegan, with a beautiful "meaty" tomato sauce flavor and texture, high in plant protein and 20% lower calorie then regular meat sauce. difficulty level:

Low calorie peanut sauce's image

Low calorie peanut sauce

Half the calories of regular peanut sauce, but absolutely all the flavor! Simple, delicious and versatile, use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls or veggies or as a dressing for Asian inspired

Low calorie vegan pesto's image

Low calorie vegan pesto

less then 1/4 the calories of regular pesto! only 21 calories per tablespoon, packed full of beautiful pesto flavor, you will never know it is dairy free or low caloric! Only 5

Skinny guacamole's image

Skinny guacamole

Less then half the calories of regular guacamole! only 30 calories for 1/3 cup! great for dipping, adding to sandwiches or even topping some salmon or grilled chicken. so what's the secret

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