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Vegan whipped pear butter's image

Vegan whipped pear butter

yes indeed PEAR butter! This sweet buttery spread is ready in 13 minutes, a wonderful & healthy addition to pancakes, waffles, corn bread or toast. difficulty level: super easy yields: slightly less then

Cranberry chocolate chip polenta bread's image

Cranberry chocolate chip polenta bread

Sweet, tart, chocolaty & richly textured, this cranberry & dark Chocolate chip polenta bread is so easy to make, I love having this for breakfast or as dessert with just a touch of

Epic vegan skinny Queso!'s image

Epic vegan skinny Queso!

Super cheesy creamy guilt free queso! a perfect game day snack you can actually feel good about eating. What's more amazing is that this cheesy decadent queso is completely dairy free!! do not

Skinny Kale Mac & Cheese's image

Skinny Kale Mac & Cheese

Creamy decadent Kale Mac & cheese, satisfying comfort food that's guilt free! Sauteed onions & garlic add an incredible depth of flavor, this dairy free cheese sauce is made with cauliflower, just a

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