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Skinny peanut butter fudge brownies's image

Skinny peanut butter fudge brownies

Fudgy decadent yet guilt free brownies! Each brownie is only 73 calories 4 grams net carbs, with 6 grams of protein. Zero sugar added, flourless, gluten free dairy free & vegan! yep what's

Low calorie creamy pea soup's image

Low calorie creamy pea soup

Incredibly satisfying yet low calorie & low carb creamy pea soup... what's the secret?? I used sugar snap peas in place of regular peas, yes I did! honestly i was just having a

Savory steel cut oats with lentils's image

Savory steel cut oats with lentils

my absolute favorite, I am hooked on this recipe, eating it for breakfast lunch & dinner! Savory steel cut oats with organic green & black lentils cooked slowly in broth, 2 minutes prep

skinny roasted butternut squash mash's image

skinny roasted butternut squash mash

Perfectly roasted butternut squash with roasted garlic, onions & a touch of vegan butter, mashed with cauliflower for a super tasty healthy low carb mash. Paleo dairy free, vegan, super healthy, low carb

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