About me:

I'm Dana, food blogger & aspiring food photographer with an obsession for cooking & healthy eating, this blog is dedicated to helping people restore their health through healthy creative recipes.
I am Structural Therapist, I own a Therapy and Conditioning Practice in Carefree Arizona. I help people recover back their mobility and start back on the path to a pain free active lifestyle, I see this blog as an extension of my work using food as the medium :)

My mission:

I want to get everyone eating just a little healthier each day.
Eating healthy does not mean rice cakes (a.k.a cardboard), tofu dogs and diet sodas!
It means taking great recipes and modifying them to a healthier lifestyle without compromising on flavor. If you are a health nut, awesome! But if you are not, and I haven't lost you yet :) please try one of these recipes, and see that eating healthy does not have to be about deprivation and numbed taste buds.
I recommend to start by trying just one recipe, choose one that appeals to you, try it out, great now that recipe is a part of your repertoire! make it a few more times, then add another recipe :)
I am a big believer in making small and doable lifestyle changes, those both last and also accumulate ...and all of a sudden, hey you are eating pretty darn healthy! :)

About My Recipes:

All gluten free, made from scratch, using organic whole foods, local produce from farmers market whenever possible.
My recipes are not all plant based, but most of them are.
My proteins are likewise all organic and sustainable raised/caught.
I am a full fledged vegetable-aholic! :)
I decided to feature mostly plant based recipes, because most anyone can figure out proteins, but veggies, grains and fruits, we kind of get stuck in a rut, and then we end up eating less of them, cause how much steamed broccoli can you eat day in day out??! ;)

If you want to say hi or have a recipe suggestion/request:

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