This lighter version of vegan ricotta is extremely versatile.
Packed with plant based protein this basic recipe goes extremely well with both savory & sweet recipe. Yes in the picture I gave it a "savory look" :) however, when i used it in my Vegan Ricotta Pancakes i can assure you there was no garlic involved ;)
Stay tuned to some upcoming recipes such as Pumpkin Chocolate cheesecake & Vegan eggplant stacks, coming soon to the blog :)
what makes this vegan ricotta lighter? Baked tofu! yep you read that right BAKED tofu. you can find Baked Tofu in health food stores. I used Wildwood brand. choose a neutral flavor. This is tofu that has been baked so has WAY less water in it, which make sit perfect for this recipe. You can find recipes online to make your own baked tofu.
Most vegan ricotta recipes use only soaked nuts, which make the recipes very very high fat and with far less protein then this recipe.

if you just wrinkled you nose at the idea of tofu, trust me, just try this recipe, it's incredible how these ingredients combine together to mimic ricotta in both texture and flavor.

difficulty level: super easy

yield: 1 heaping cup

equipment needed: food processor

prep time: 2 minutes

cook time: 2 minutes

what you need:

  • 1/4 cup quick soaked Cashews or Brazil nuts (or pumpkin seeds if allergic to nuts).
  • 6 oz baked tofu
  • 1 tbsp dry nutritional yeast
  • 1/4 tsp stevia
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1.5 tbsp water


  • pour boiling water over the nuts and let sit for 50 minutes uncovered, then drain.
  • if you want your ricotta to look white (like in the picture) carefully peel off just the darker outside layer of the baked tofu. I only do this if the ricotta will not be blended with other ingredients, such as served by itself with fresh berries. for pancakes, cheesecake & eggplant stacks I did not bother with this step.

what to do:

  • place all ingredients in food processor
  • process for 40 seconds pulsing
  • open, scrape down sides and process/pulse again until a ricotta like consistency is achieved

voila you ricotta is ready. you cab easily make a double batch if you know you will be using it in several recipes.
So easy to make this savory by adding a tbsp of vegan Parmesan, some basil salt and fresh garlic to the food processor.